1. Open the applicant's profile in Applicant Tracking by clicking on the View Applicant button. 

2. When the Application Viewer opens, click on the Mark as Hired.


3. You'll see a confirmation pop up box letting you know that the applicant's data has been sent to the Job Applicants menu and is ready to be set up as a new hire.

4. Once applicant data is sent, then the employee is available on the Job Applicants menu, 

located under HR Maintenance.


5. Select the applicant that you want to hire, via the drop-down menu and press HIRE XXXXXXXXX. *XXXXXXXXXX is the name of applicant* 

6. New Hire flow starts after pressing HIRE XXXXXX button and will take you to the Instructions page. Click Continue to move forward with new hire setup.

7. Select W2 or 1099. Click Continue once done. 


8. SSN automatically fills in from the applicant data. Click Continue once done.

9. Select the 2nd option to start the Onboarding process. Click Continue once done. 

10. Name is already populated. If all looks good, click Continue to move forward.

11. Select the city and make sure to populate the personal email address. Click Continue once done.

12. Enter all required fields (red *) and click Continue once done.

13. Enter Pay Rate, Pay Rate Per, and Standard Hours. When done, click Continue.


14. Hit SAVE Changes to complete the New Hire.

15. Once completed, the system will return an Employee ID.