What is Slack? Slack is a third party messaging app that helps teams bring all of their communications together in one place. If you're currently using Slack, you can integrate your Slack account and start adding weekly hiring summary reports, interview follow up reminders and/or notes about an applicant to the Slack channel of your choice. 

Integrate with Slack

To enable the Slack integration, follow these quick and easy steps:

1. Go to Your Account > Account Details.

2. Scroll down to the Integrate section and click on the #Slack icon.

3. Then click the Add to Slack button.

Note: If you are not signed into your Slack account, you will be asked to sign in now.

4. Confirm your identity and select which channel you wish to post to through your account, then click Authorize.

Your Slack account is now connected! 

You can now enable Weekly Reports and/or automatic Interview Follow Up reminders to your connected Slack channel. Learn more about automated reports here

You can also send a Note about an applicant to your connected Slack channel. Learn more about posting Notes here.