Applicant Data Import Options

If you have applicant data that you would like us to import for you, we offer this as a one-time free service for all paying customers. We can import applicant resumes only, applicant data only, or applicant data with files (such as resumes, cover letters, etc.). Please review details on the options below.

We also offer custom data import services if you would like our expert data analysts to handle the entire import process for you. Contact Support for more information on this option. Please make sure to tell us what type of data you are looking to import and what format you have it in currently.

Option 1: Resumes Only

If you only need one resume file imported for each applicant, all you have to do is:


1. Create a file folder with your company's name and then create 1 sub folder for each job title you want to have resumes imported to. ***Make sure the file folder name exactly matches the job title name.***

2. Move all of your resume files into each job title folder.

3. Zip the entire folder (right click on the parent folder labeled with your company's name and select "Send to" and then "Compressed (zipped) folder." 

4. Submit the compressed (zipped) folder to us by attaching it to a new support ticket and let us know that you are ready for your free import.

5. We'll take care of the rest and we'll send you a confirmation email when we're all done. 


NOTE: You will see a notification message in your dashboard for any resumes that we were unable to import successfully so you can manually import these. See instructions above on how to manually add applicants.

Option 2: Applicant Data Only

Download the attached "applicant import template.csv" file. Follow the "CSV File Formatting Guidelines" provided below to make sure you are entering your data into the template in a format that we can import. 

Once you have your file ready, submit it to Support by creating a support ticket on our support site, attaching the file, and requesting your one-time free data import and we'll take care of the rest. 

Option 3: Applicant Data with File Attachments (resumes, cover letters, etc.)

Follow the instructions for Option 2 above to get your applicant data into our standard import file template. Then zip and send your csv import file (formatting guidelines indicated below) plus any resume, cover letter or other files you want imported to us by creating a new support ticket on our support site, attaching the files and then let us take care of the rest. EVERYTHING YOU SUBMIT MUST EXACTLY MATCH THE FORMAT INDICATED IN THIS DOCUMENT. You can expect us to have completed your import within 5 business days.

Many customers find it easy to create the file using Microsoft Excel or a similar program, and then “save as” a CSV format file. Please refer to the included “sample.csv” file for an example of the format in action. Note the file must include a header row with the column names provided in the attached "applicant import template.csv" file below.

CSV File Formatting Guidelines

first_name – (required field) Applicant’s first name. Leave blank if using the “full_name” column

last_name – (required field) Applicant’s last name. Leave blank if using the “full_name” column

address – Applicant’s address fields including address 1, address 2, city, state, zip and country

email – (required field) Applicant’s email address

phone – (required field) Applicant’s phone number

rating – Applicant’s assigned star rating (must be a number from 1 through 5)

status – Applicant’s status in your recruiting workflow

date applied – When did this applicant apply? Format should be dd/mm/yyyy

applied for – Job title of the position the applicant is applying for (must match the job title on your job posting)

source – Applicant’s source (how did they hear about you?)

LinkedIn – url of Applicant’s LinkedIn profile; format is[member-name/]x/y/z or

tags – any tags you want applied to the applicant’s profile (must be comma separated)

notes – Any additional text information you have on a candidate can go here

NOTES ON FILE ATTACHMENTS: The following fields should contain filenames of files included with your import. We recommend creating a ZIP file of all associated applicant files, along with this import csv file.

coverletter_file – Filename of the applicant’s included cover letter file

resume_file – Filename of the applicant’s included resume file

other_file(1-5) – Filenames of any other files associated with this applicant

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team by visiting our Support Site and creating a new support ticket.